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Google+ invitation FREE

I’m on and i can send some invite. Leave a comment here and i send (until google permit).



i’ve send invitation to all people who have leaved e-mail on comments. hope you receive soon!!

invitation sended to:






Problems about downloading something from this site?

Hi, sorry if you’ve some problem downloading from this site, but there is a protection for links and if your browser block advertise also block links. hope you can understand why i’ve done it, btw you can easly disable for and reactivate it.



Jailbreakme 3.0 (update 3.0.1) (re-update 3.1) for ipad iphone with ios 4.3.3

With this software you can unlock free your iPad, iPhone or with , 4.0.1 4.2 it’s easy and quickly, simply execute this with your iDevice connected and click over “free” button. it also and allow to install cracked apps.

it now also include pdf patcher and save your without using tinyumbrella.


you can it here (disable adBlock or link doesn’t work!!!!)