HOW TO: play SAINTS ROW 2 (fast play bug) and NUDE PATCH

Great 2, but it has some problem. first: it seems a bit fast if you play on last pc :P for resolve it:
download: (Free on web, google it)
execute saints row, then alt-tab while ingame, it return on windows
execute cheat engine, select sr_2.exe process, click on “ ” and choose your velocity (for me work well 0.5) and apply
return on saints row and test it. it work? well done!
you need to do this all time you execute the game!

this is easy, and remove that pixelate effect that hide your ass :D
Open saints row install directory
open “shaders_pc” with notepad
search and delete row with: data\shaders\standard\-pixelate_c.fxo_pc
save,close and play game!!

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