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Artisteer 3.1 latest version crack update full working (no freeze, working save, ecc)



For Windows

August 8, 2011

We’ve updated Artisteer 3.1 1 for Windows to resolve a few important issues reported by our customers:

Artisteer 3.1 for Windows (

Fixes in this update include:

  • Resolved issues with extra positions (content and widget sections) for Joomla and other CMS products
  • Fixed product freeze when changing Joomla/DNN/Drupal version in “Export Options” dialog
  • Fixed crashes when creating Color Theme based on an image
  • Added support for DotNetNuke 6

Notes to existing customers:

  • Version 3.1 may not work when installed on the same computer as version 3.0. It is recommended to uninstall version 3.0 first, while understanding that version 3.1 may not yet work properly and you may decide to go back to version 3.0.
  • Please note that version 3.1 will work only in Trial mode if your upgrade period has expired. For more information on our upgrade policy please refer to our FAQ. You can check your upgrade subscription status here.


it work (it’s tested) Simply patch: overwrite file with this:

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