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Prototype 2 preview working Download torrent

Now you can try 2! This is a version but is !

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Half life 2 Crack NO STEAM VERSION

- 2 is, simply put, the best single-player shooter ever released for the . It does so many things right in so many ways that it might be possible to write a thesis on the topic of Half-Life 2 compared to other single player shooters. What has created is simply a masterpiece — a work of art in the genre. Not only does it engage the mind with mysterious happenings, vagaries, and mostly intelligent dialogue, but also captures the senses with a

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HOW TO: play SAINTS ROW 2 (fast play bug) and NUDE PATCH

Great 2, but it has some problem. first: it seems a bit fast if you on :P for resolve it:
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Alice Madness Returns WITH PATCH iso download PC xbox 360 ps2

Alice: Madness Returns (c) EA

Inside this package you can also find the first PATCH for crashes of first 

15-06-2011........ Date <-> Protection..............EACore
...............Game Type <-> Disk(s)..................1 DVD

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Download duke nukem forever preview game full playable (iso)

A very with duke forever (it come on june 2011) is full playable because it is the original version, already cracked so it work and is tested for you!

Duke Nukem Forever

PS3 – 360 – PC
Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games






Duke Nukem Forever is an action first-person shooter video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and 360 that was developed by 3D Realms and finished by Gearbox Software. It is a sequel to the 1996 game Duke Nukem 3D, as part of the long-running Duke Nukem video game series.

Intended to be groundbreaking, Duke Nukem Forever became infamous in the video games industry and its name became synonymous with vaporware due to its severely-protracted development schedule; the game had been in development since 1996. Upon release in 2011, Duke Nukem Forever has received mostly negative reviews from critics.

The game takes place about twelve years after the events of Duke Nukem 3D. Duke is now a worldwide icon, and has achieved great fame from his heroic deeds. After sampling a video game based on his past heroics (the game Duke plays is actually a revamped version of the final level of Duke Nukem 3D), he arrives on the set of a talk show for an interview. On his way to the show, Duke witnesses a news broadcast on a nearby television screen announcing that aliens have once again invaded. Unlike previous encounters, the aliens initially appear peaceful and at first seem to pose harm to the humans of Earth. Duke’s talk show appearance is cancelled to allow television stations to cover the alien invasion, and he retires to the “Duke Cave.”

There, he receives a call from the president and General Graves of the military. The president orders him to not harm the invaders, and adds that he is in diplomatic talks with the alien overlord. Duke obliges this request, but remains uneasy about the whole situation. However, before he can even leave his chambers, he is attacked by hostile aliens. Duke is forced to disobey the president’s orders and fight his way through the alien hordes in an effort to Earth yet again. Duke learns that The Hoover Dam has become an alien wormhole bringing in more hordes. Duke travels to it with the use of his “Monster foot” truck. After credits of the video game there is an easter egg hinting to maybe another Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem Forever is an action-oriented First Person Shooter. Players take control of Nukem as they navigate through a series of levels which take place on Earth and beyond. The game allows players to interact with various in-game objects, including urinals, water coolers and whiteboards which allow players to draw their own images. The gameplay is similar in some respects to the First Person Shooter games of the late 90s and early 00s, each level culminating in a boss battle in which Nukem has to fight and kill a large, significant alien.

Items that have an effect on Nukem can be picked up by the player, these are steroids, beer and a holoduke. Steroids increase the strength of his melee attacks by a great deal for a limited time, beer makes him much more resistant to damage but blurs the screen and a holoduke creates a hologram of Duke Nukem that looks and acts in a very similar way to Duke but often says slightly twisted versions of his -liners. Whilst the holoduke is in effect, Nukem becomes invisible, the AI characters do not recognise his presence.

Instead of the health system featured in previous Duke Nukem games in which health would be depleted when Nukem was injured and would only increase upon finding a health pack, Duke Nukem Forever employs a system involving an ‘ego bar’. The ego bar depletes when Nukem is attacked, once it is fully depleted, Nukem is susceptible to damage, if the player avoids further damage the ego bar is restored, as is Nukem’s health. The player can increase the size of the ego bar (thus increasing the amount of damage Nukem can take) by interacting with certain items throughout the game, a mirror, for example, and by defeating bosses


From wikipedia.

iso (torrent): duke_nukem_forever.iso (disable advertise blocker or link doesn’t work)

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half life 2 Crack patch offline activation working no cd

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It’s hard to believe that, prior to Half-Life 2, Valve had really made only one game. Of course, it was a masterpiece. Half-Life single-handedly reinvented the first-person shooter, putting the emphasis on cinematic pacing and complete immersion in the experience. As a result, it paved the way for many of the outstanding first-person shooters that have followed. And while there was little question that there would eventually be a sequel, no one could have imagined the long and torturous development process that led to Half-Life 2. Well, it’s time to forget about that, because Half-Life 2 has arrived. And, in many ways, this big-budget sequel does what it sets out to do: Half-Life 2 is a technically amazing, sharply honed first-person shooter that pulls all the tricks that made Half-Life such a beloved experience. With that said, many of those tricks feel more than a bit familiar now, and the game itself is saddled with a disappointing story. Still, that doesn’t stop Half-Life 2 from being a very impressive and engaging shooter, and a faithful follow-up to one of the greatest games of all time.



In Half-Life 2, you once again assume the role of Gordon Freeman, the theoretical physicist and dimension-hopping commando who saved the world from an alien invasion at the end of Half-Life. Or did he? Half-Life 2 starts you off facing the infamous G-Man, the mysterious blue-suited character from the first game. At the end of Half-Life, the G-Man offered you a choice: work for him or die. Since there would be no sequel if you chose the latter, Half-Life 2 assumes you chose the former, and you start the game in a train entering City 17 for your introduction into this new world.

City 17 is a run-down urban center that’s the equivalent of the Warsaw ghettos during World War II, but instead of Jews being rounded up to live in City 17, it’s all the remnants of a defeated humanity. Half-Life 2 takes place an untold number of years after the Black Mesa incident, but it’s clear that much has changed. A mysterious enemy known as the Combine has conquered the planet and installed a human puppet government to carry out its rule. Black-clad security forces patrol the streets, while propaganda blares endlessly from omnipresent screens. If there’s one thing that Valve does extremely well, it’s capture a sense of atmosphere–this vision of a dystopian police state is chillingly effective. But you won’t spend a lot of time soaking in the scene before you’re thrust into the struggle to defeat the Combine and free humanity.

As soon as the shooting begins you’ll join an essentially nonstop battle that will last the remainder of the game. Like the original Half-Life, Half-Life 2 is presented as a nearly seamless experience–you play entirely from Gordon Freeman’s perspective, there are no cutscenes or perspective changes to take you out of the moment, and are there no narrative jumps that skip ahead in time. (At least, there are none from your perspective.) There also aren’t very many long loading times to interrupt the flow of the game, as all the levels are discreetly broken into sections, and when you transition from one section to another, there’s only a slight pause for the new section to load (at least, on a high-end PC). Put it all together and the game’s single-player campaign, which will probably take you between 15 and 20 hours to complete, comes off as a very long day in the extraordinary life of Gordon Freeman.


Desctiption rom Gamespot.

How to crack it:

this file : (disable advertise blocker or it doesn’t work)

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Tsuyoshi Sekito – Reversal! (The Last Remnant) with tab (guitar pro tab and Power tab)

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by .

This is the from the remnant. I see that many people are looking for tabs of this so i post here for you.

Link for the last remnant sountdrack guitar pro tab

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Alchemy android: all solution! free

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zombie = corpse 

Trailer di asphalt 3d nuovo inedito

Fantastico trailer inedito di per

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The elder scroll V skyrim gameplay

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