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Iphone tvout2 cracked for ios 4.3 4.2.1 4.0.1

– “Mirror” v1.3.2

TVOut2 is a Mobile Substrate plugin to mirror your ’s display on a television using Apple’s AV cable. Once installed TV ouput is enabled by default and calibrated using the TVOutTuner application included in the release. There are rather a lot of buttons but each one will introduce itself when you first click on it.The first eight buttons adjust the size of the display on your screen in portrait and landscape mode (hold them down and they auto-repeat.) Once you’ve calibrated your screen you can save the layout as one of four presets visible in landscape mode if you have more than one TV.

This release of TVOut should just work turning itself on and off automatically as you connect the cable. You can disable auto-connect using the “auto” button in the TVOutTuner app and turn it on and off manually using the SBSettings toggle.

Experiment with the “Orientation Control” options to lock the orientation of some landscape games if they persist in displaying portrait on the screen or you can have their orientation follow how you hold the phone. I use “phone” orientation.

TVOut2 normally just mirrors the LCD screen onto the TV by copying it when it is updated and with the stuttering associated with mirroring seems to have been fixed which is good news. There are however two optimisations in TVOut2 for older devices if mirroring is too slow:

“video” mode switches on the code used by the iPod and YouTube apps to display any in-app video on the TV only at full quality and framerate, even on older devices. You would normally leave this on. From release when TVOut is enable and “Video” mode is off, video will be forced to display on the device which would normally be mirrored to the TV allowing you to display YouTube video on both devices.

“gaming” mode diverts “OpenGL” game output directly onto the screen giving exceptional framerates. Alas on 4 this can jam TVOut2 if you background the game using this feature so for now, unless you have a slower device, I would recommend leaving “gaming” mode off. “split” mode is a variation on “gaming” mode where both screens are updated by sending alternate frames to the LCD and TV as a compromise. SlingPlayer is also written using the OpenGL library so you might want to use gaming mode for the best viewing quality.

For background wallpaper place a jpeg at “/var/mobile/Library/TVOut/wallpaper.jpg”.

Its also been reported that once TVOut has been used it interacts with the camera application stopping it from saving to the camera roll. To use the camera app again you must turn TVOut2 off and “respring” using SBSettings then it will work fine.

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